19 Causes Raisins Will have to Be Put In Detention center

Any person name the meals police.

Committing identification fraud towards chocolate chips.

Committing identity fraud against chocolate chips.

You suppose that is chocolate chip? You’ve got by no means been extra tragically mistaken to your existence.


Trespassing in cinnamon bread.

Trespassing in cinnamon bread.

This is private, delicious bread property. Get out.

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Harassing peanut butter and celery.

Harassing peanut butter and celery.

Is this some kind of sick joke? You leave them alone!


Public ice cream intoxication.

Public ice cream intoxication.

Raisins, are you drunk right now? On rum?


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  1. have a decision to make here. i havent ever been raised with a dad, my mom said he left me when he found out she was pregnant with me. i always wanted a dad because it was just my mom raisin a boy and she always kept tellin me that dad my would come back someday when i was “ready”. course that never happened. so when i was in jail for (what will remain private) something i did. i was in for 4 years. went in when i was 19 and you can do the math. the last like week i was in still this man came and vistied me. didnt know who he was but i figured what the hell he was saying it was imporant. long and behold he eventually tells me hes my daddy and if i want to get in touch with him he gave me all his personnal info. since ive been out ive just been living my life with promisin never to talk to him. i been real pissed all this time at how he could just show up while im in ****** prison and just do that.
    but its just within the last couple weeks i been really thinking of my dad. i wanna give him a chance cus theres a part of me that wants a dad. but im afraid that he would just **** me over somehow. im wondering if its to late to make a relationship with him?

  2. I would like to add nuts and chocolate chips to my cupcakes but I notice that they sink to the bottom. Is there a way to add them so that this doesn’t happen?

  3. I couldn’t find chocolate chips in my local supermarket. And i needa make chocolate chip cookies for tmrw. Can i substitute them with chocolate chunks i cut from a bar of chocolate?

    Will it taste the same? Look the same?
    If it will become too sweet, (cuz i bought it already) can i subtract the amount of sugar i add into the cookie dough?

  4. What can I bake with coconut oil and chocolate chips? Any good recipes out there? Easy to bake and not too time consuming.

  5. I don’t have any cocoa powder and i was wondering if i could make a brownie in a cup by substituting cocoa powder with chocolate chips?

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